Monday, March 27, 2017

We Are Occupied

All our major urban crossroads have cameras and microphones...

Mysterious Contrails fill our skies....

Our cities have become  jungles of Cell Towers which drench our living space with electromagnetic radiation...

Our Airports are occupied by uniformed troops who force us to submit to taking nude x-ray pictures or to having our genitals groped...

The people are mesmerized by Smartphones which seem to suck up all their every attention and make them into obsessed zombies...

All our computers are tapped and recorded...

All our email is tapped and recorded...

All our phone calls are tapped and recorded...

All our phone conversations are tapped and recorded...

All the paper envelopes which contain our paper mail are photographed and filed...

All the TV’s which are connected to the Internet are tapped...

All electronics which are connected to the Net are tapped...

TV’s, Computer Screens and laptops all have cameras looking back at us...

Laws have been passed which gag the population against criticism of the Government or Government Policy under the guise of Hate Speech or Fake News

People who criticize or disagree with Government Policy are labeled insane or criminal...

Our government has declared that our children to be wards of the state and who it can confiscate at any time...

Christianity is labeled a mental disease...

Christians are labeled potential terrorists...

Poisons are regularly added to our drinking water...

A network of paid spies occupy our business establishments, gathering information on our homes, opinions, transactions and personal matters...

Criticism is labeled Hate Speech...

People are denied the Internet for saying the wrong things...

Radical Islamists radicals are invited into our countries against our will and against any sort of reason

Russian special forces and spies live within our cities, setting simultaneous forest fires at the beginning of every Spring and Summer to drive us out of our land...

Secret police stations have been established across the urban landscape...

Our votes are processed electronically and no longer count...

Our children are corrupted in elementary school sex classes under practices which would otherwise be called “corruption of minors”

Our kids are forcefully injected with “vaccines” which make them stupid, sickly, mentally unbalanced or mediocre...

Our elderly parents are regularly killed through fraudulent therapies...

Our retirement accounts are raided and stolen, forcing us to retire into the streets...

Helicopters patrol our streets, waking us up regularly in the middle of the night...

The seats of our elected officials are occupied by CIA agents, Bankers or both...

The rich get richer while the poor get poorer...

Our courtrooms move everyday closer to the bars of the prison cell...

Our convicts are forced to work as slaves...

The sovereignty of the Constitution has been trashed...

Slavery is now a requirement to graduate from schools and colleges...

We have become afraid to ask questions...

The one who asks is listed as a Troublemaker...

Armed guard stands between Us and our Children at our Schools...

People who teach at home are labeled Potential Terrorists...

The government has declared the American People potential Enemies of the State...

People are prohibited from planting their own food...

Foreigners are regularly brought in to fill our middle classl jobs while we live in the streets...

Our farmers are prohibited from collecting rainwater...

Most of our food is imported and processed in gross foreign places...

If one has the wrong opinion, one is blacklisted for life and his career ruined...

Our Police kill us like Cattle while wearing universal black uniforms...

Prison Camps are springing up like mushrooms...

Our industry has been transferred to China...

Ladies and gentlemen...

...can there be any doubt that we have been OCCUPIED?

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Patriot Movement Infiltrated by CIA & Special Forces

I used to listen to Alex Jones on YouTube...

...until the Internet was re-located to Geneva, Switzerland...

...and YouTube cut everybody's long-term listening sessions to targeted radio programs
to just 20 minutes.

No mention of our new Geneva Internet by Alex and his censorship by the same (this should be TOP news, actually).

Then I started listening to the Alex Jones off directly off his Infowars website....

...until AdRoll (Google) cut all his advertisements and he lost $3 million...

...forcing him to remove all his free radio broadcast mp3 files from his website.

I guess Alex wants you to pay now...and with Youtube censoring all his daily shows, I guess there is no way out for me.

And in my opinion, the Globalists can take their controlled and censored European-United Nations run Internet and stick it up their ass.

For me, paying means I am sorry to say that I am out.

(They already sent me a agent of the FBI and a cable technician who drove in from Colorado Springs (Cox Cable), then a cop got his nose into my business by ‘investigating’ a stolen license plate which was switched from one of our cars and put on an identical stolen car which was left abandoned on the side of the road in addition and finally they placed an NSA agent at cubicle next to mine at work)

So, if it involves registering in any way, shape or form...No more Alex Jones Show for me (sad to say)

So don’t get me wrong.

I like Alex, I like what he says and, in fact, there are very few important things he DOES’NT talk about that he should, like:
    -Russian and Chinese troops on American soil
    -our defense compromised by Chinese hardware
    -Putin planning the destruction of Europe and America
    -Trump's blatant infiltration by the NWO

So BRAVO! Alex Jones...for what you DO do.

Anyway, my long stay away from listening to talk radio has given me time to think about things.

Like Alex Jones, for instance.

For beginners, Alex Jones has become a virtual showcase for Conspiracy Theorists and their theories, which he carries in abundance...with one catch - they must adhere to the general Alexonian requirements.

For example, UFOs, foreign troops, Jews and Super Weapons are off the table.

Some people say Zionism is off the table with Jones, but I have heard Jones slap down Mossad, Shin Bet, Israel and Bubi Netanhahu plenty of times...although he always keeps from climbing the anti-semitic hanging pole, and he regularly exposes the very Jewish Poverty Law Center, but he’ll never say the word Jew or Zionism, which, considering all the boobytraps placed for such people, I consider his decision laudable.

Jones tries to keep away from Texe Marrs (anti- jewish information) and for some reason I can’t fathom, David Hodges (martial law and communist infiltration  data) of the Common Sense Show and Dr Judy Wood's research on the new weapon that demolished the World Trade Center on 9/11 and just did the same thing to the Plasco Building in Iran.
Just another level that the Alexonian Universe can’t deal with - that 9/11 was cause by secret super-technology.

Come on, Alex, you can’t have DAVID HODGES on your show?

What’s wrong, not Jewish or intelligence-connected enough for you?

But like I said, Alex puts enough of the important information out there for me to like him.

On the other hand, one has to keep an eye on a few things.

Alex Jones is generational intelligence (which means himself and his extended family has been around intelligence for decades) including his ‘dentist’ dad who is in actuality a medical corporate executive.

He admits over and over again, this uncle or that uncle has been in the CIA or one of its extension and can’t talk about this or that.

He admits he has had Russian intelligence ambush interview  him and ask him about how he got to interview Steve Pieczenick.

My advice to these Russian higher ups is: if you were impressed at Pieczenicks’s access to your infrastructure...then look to your own people.

So Alex Jones DOES have a platform from which to preach, and he DOES have a certain set of standards from which he does not deviate and in doing this he DOES put out some important information.

Is he a good guy or bad guy?

Honestly, I don’t know.

As a student of the ‘conspiracy’ I run against things I can’t explain and Alex Jones is one of them.

But as for his guests, I can say three things:
    -and Jews.

If things go wrong and the guest does not score enough points with the listeners, or he manages to pull out a boner, Alex has a good nose, and quickly pulls them off his show, like he did with Aaron Dykes, Jackari Jackson, Mike Adams, Bob Biggs. Anthony Gucciardi, and a plethora of guest speakers.

Some were due to female troubles, other to stuff uncovered in background checks. jealousies, competition, confrontation, etc.

One thing I will say, if you work for Alex Jones...agree with everything he says, don’t go after female staff, don’t compete with infowars, don’t interrupt Alex but DO let him interrupt you, don’t embarrass yourself in public and agree with everything Alex says.

On the good side, if you are let go, there is normally a nice non-disclosure agreement, which accompanies a pretty sizable check but which commits you to NOT discussing anything about Infowars under threat of a legal suit.

But back to the Insiders, ex-intelligence and Jews who populate Alex’s shows.

Like I said, The Alex Jones Show is a BIG platform for putting all these Conspiracy pundits under the LIme Light.

Unfortunately, most of them are Jewish Ex-intelligence Insiders

Which poses the question:

Why are so many INTELLIGENCE OPERATIVES and CIA-connected individuals now assuming the role of LEADERS in the anti-globalist movement?

And it is not the Alex Jones Show alone that is putting these individuals to the fore, but the list of who appears on the Alex Jones Show DOES look like a list of  ex-intelligence Jews.

Like I always say,

“How does 3% of the population become 80% of the guests on the Alex Jones Show?”

And how is it that CIA and NSA ex-operatives are now becoming the lead spokesmen for the Conspiracy movement?

Alex Jones, at least, is sensitive to this mind of thought and comes up with a scenario to explain it:

“they are rogue insiders and white hats who have rebelled against the system” he says, “we are relying on information from the inside by people who are sorry of what they did”

So should we listen to them and follow them?

What part of a CAREER in INTELLIGENCE AND SPECIAL FORCES does not compute with your brain, Alex?

And if that were the case, then WHY HAVE THEY SO MANY OF THEM SPENT SO MUCH TIME INSIDE THE SYSTEM, ARE STILL PART OF IT AND OR HAVE HAD A SMOOTH TRANSITION AWAY FROM IT AND EVEN RETIRED FROM IT? You know...they are there betraying the very same CIA they used to work for because their immediate bosses understand and are on our side.

 Fairy tales like this are for five year olds, Alex.

If any of them were true patriots, just the first day of deposing governments, murdering people and declaring others insane to falsely incarcerate them in insane asylums like Steve Pieczenick did, would cause me to have second thoughts about what I am doing...not LAUNCH AN ENTIRE CAREER over it.

And besides, the CIA and the Special Forces recruit JOINTLY.

This means both the CIA and the Special Forces review the individual's files JOINTLY before admitting him  in...and once one is in, they are TOLD they work JOINTLY for the CIA and the US military.

And let’s not forget all the killing.

To be a full member in good standing amongst the special forces, you must know how to LIE and KILL...and you must LOVE doing it.

Special forces are used all over the world to murder people in places like Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, and other countries to MURDER PEOPLE routinely, the targets routinely include men, women  and children, and many of them
right here inside the United States.

So I despise special forces (in spite of all the self-aggrandizing propaganda the media is putting out).

And I especially despise Special Forces personnel who seem to inhabit the top ranks of our Militia and conspiracy Movements.

Who do these militia dummies think they are following?

How about a CIA operative who is busy comprising  black lists of all their members?

Like I said, the phenomenon is nation-wide and should not be laid at Alex’s doorstep, but it is a bit unnerving when the CIA and Special Forces - the same people who have victimized and brought down our country...are now appointing themselves as leaders and spokespeople of the anti Globalist Movement.

Let’s look at some of these critters who have gained popularity as they are being advertised on the Alex Jones Show (and elsewhere) shall we?:

Adam Kokesh
    -Jewish government infiltrator and agent provocateur who tried to get patriots to open-carry rifles in Washington D.C.

Michael Snyder 

    - another Jew, who passes himself off as a Christian and spouts off about economic doom (I actually like listening to him though)

Larry Nichols
    -ex-Clintonista, ex-CIA, ex-mafioso who claims he has reformed himself and was saying Hillary was all but a walking dead person during the election and predicted her win. Not seen since BOTH predictions proved untrue.

Max Keiser
    -a weird, off kilter money grubbing and disrespectful Jew who has moved out of country, laughs at everything and seeks opportunities to further his own businesses on the Alex Jones Show.

Jesse Ventura
    -a ex-Navy Seal and CIA employee wrestler who was maneuvered into winning the Governorship of Minnesota (Jew central), keep some pretty standard beliefs (like 9/11 was not an inside job) and now resides on Mexico, along with many other CIA retirees (standard CIA practice) which includes CIA retiree colonies in Costa Rica (they don’t want CIA retirees here)


     - smarmy New York Jewish Lawyer who has plenty to smarm about with little enough to say.

Joe Biggs -
    -special forces CIA operator who was succeeding at Infowars until he got drunk and arrested (his special focus on PizzaGate did not please Jones either)

Tim Kennedy
    -special forces (again) who discusses shallow platitudes with Alex while backing up his products and staying away from topics which might betray his very standard belief system.

David Steele
    -pudgy ex-CIA Jew with a phony name who now fancies himself a “strategist” to the Trump movement (nice to listen to, but if you dig carefully, there's nothing really new here)

Roger Stone
    - An ex- Watergate Plumber and a betrayer of Nixon and a Jew who likes to pass himself off as an Italian Catholic and Nixon’s foremost friend...and who supposedly escaped “Pollonium poisoning” right as he was about to finish his book...which he did...and then recovered with flying colors.

Bruce Fein
    -a Jewish Constitutional Convention pusher who favors a new constitutional convention and a new Constitution. Basically has nothing to say outside of a new Con Con, and Alex has basically disagreed with him and shut him off on air, be he is still around.

(who lines up all these guests for you, Alex? A Jewish ex-intelligence operative perhaps?)

William Binney
- An ex-NSA worker who was in for the short term, saw he was betraying his country, left, and has suffered for it. I think he is the real and enjoy listening to him.

Doug Hagmann
-For all his Christian posturing, he is a professional  FBI trainer and advisor...and never has anything bad to say against the FBI, of which he is part.

Matt Bracken
    -Another ex-CIA - ex-SEAL killer who actually has a lot of to say. I like listening to this guy too, though I would not trust him as l far as I could spit.

Dr Group
-A Jewish ex-special forces trooper who now concocts medication and sells them through the Alex Jones Show. The medications sound good, but my question to the reader is “would you buy medication made by a killer who works for the CIA?”

Paul Craig Roberts
-A total insider and an Assistant Secretary of the Treasury under Reagan who enthusiastically assisted Reagan in:
    1) shutting down our industry
    2) increasing our imports
    in order to bring inflation down while making America dependent of imports while...
    3) and busting our National Debt past our first TRILLION mark and then cheerily expanding it to $2 trillion.
    The opinions of the guy seem ok, but aside from a few nuggets, seem to be cheer for the chouis are a bit on the dry side.

Michael Savage
    -Another Jewish millionaire with a phony name (real name Wiener) with worldwide connections who makes money off supplements and drugs...and acts as a mediocre provocateur on the side. I don’t know how much he has to do with Alex’s expanding medication trade, but I am almost sure he has something to do with it. Not much to hear from this guy, though he is very good at acting outraged (something Jewish provocateurs do rather well).

Peter Schiff
-Jewish financial counselor whose father died in jail protesting the legality of the Income Tax. I can’t disrespect that, so ‘nuff  said.

Steve Pieczenick
- a Jewish top ranking CIA handler who started uprisings and coups, demolished entire governments and seeks to start a violent revolution right here in America. He uses a calming psychologists  ‘voice or reason’ to calm and gain acceptance with his audience. The only trulygood thing he has said so far is that “ the CIA must be abolished.”

John McAfee
    -Oh, this guy is a piece of cake. A bi-sexual (if not homosexual) British-born head of the McAfee Anti-Virus company, who also happens to be an agent of MI-6, under which he was caught implanting spyware on the computers of the Government of Belize, which let MI-6 bring down the current regime. But he got caught and had to escape the authorities in Belize by momentarily ‘disappearing’ back here to the United States.Now let me see. The head of an anti-spyware company implanting spyware on a government’s computers? Hmm, I alway’s thought anti-virus programs took waaay to long to locate those viruses. Make you think if anti-virus programs are not just more government tracking devices. Anyway would you install an anti-virus program made by an MI-6 agent? Recently (like many delusional intelligence operatives), his standing has gone to his head and he has run for (get this) President of the United States (despite being born in a foreign country!)

Recently Alex has jumped on the 'Donald Trump Can Do No Wrong" train and has defended the worst of his appointment with the justification that "he needs all these insiders to open the doors for him inside government."

You mean like Hillary's  FBI director James Comey (whom he keept), who ordered a full scale investigation AGAINST Trump and ALL his Russian contacts? And then advised the Justice Department to IGNORE Trump's protests at having his phones hacked by Obama's CIA and NSA?

Or how about Vice President Pence, who did not take long in railroading Trump's national Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, and throwing him under the bus?

 Or how about Reince Pribius, who Trump rescued after all his anti-Trump rhetoric during the election and now acts as Trump's treacherous MAIN LEAKER to the press?

If these are helpful insiders, I have a few helpful piranhas you might want to put down your shorts!

The traitors are at the top, folks.  

And, as you might have noticed, this article is not an attack on Infowars or Alex Jones, but uses Infowars as an example of how the Patriot and Anti-Globalist movements are being infiltrated by Intelligence Agents and Special Forces personnel (who basically serve the CIA).

And at this stage of the game and for one who is forever criticizing the New World Order, this comes as a surprising downer!

It’s like the Gestapo taking charge of all the anti-Hitler movements in Germany during WW-II.

Come on people!

The phrase that is not used enough is: “WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!

But that is hard to do with the establishment using its infinite resources (gleaned off public tax money through dark projects and money laundering) to finance and put in place all these Intelligence Assets and Special Forces personnel right in the middle of their greatest enemies.

Don’t you all think that an individuals who have dedicated their LIVES to and created an entire CAREER with the establishment deserve a touch of ALOOFNESS, SUSPICION and DISTRUST on our part?

Yeah, we like the fact that they have supposedly ‘rebelled’ against the establishment, but why should we TRUST them and grant them entire segments on our radio shows?

Putting them in positions of leadership is like putting informants from the Mafia in top positions of all anti-Mafia operations.

But, of course, this is a world of excess and too much is never enough, right?

As if all of this suspicious business going on in and around the Alex Jones Show and Donald Trump is not enough, there is STILL more.

Recently, not only Donald Trump, but Alex Jones, as well, have surprised the lot of us by accepting to be protected by BLACKWATER.

That’s right, the very same CIA- created and controlled outfit which drew so much attention to itself by committing MASSIVE CRIMES in Iraq and thereafter withdrawing its blood-drenched agents to avoid prosecution for MURDER by the Iraqi Government...and then is rumored to have committed more crimes after being ‘contracted’ during Hurricane Katrina.
Its director and co-founder Erik Prince, is an ex-Navy Seal, who enjoys MASSIVE contracting by the US Government and CONTRACTS OPENLY with the CIA.

Hey, Alex and Trump, this is a CIA company, controlled directly by the CIA! 

Get it?

Did all the “White Hat” “rogue” “good guys” from the CIA convince you it was a good idea to have Blackwater protect your asses?

(I should also mention that Blackwater, at the end of its multiple name changes is now called “Academi” to protect itself from all their crimes overseas)

Or was it Erik Prince’s much publicized confession that Pizzagate was REAL?

See, he’s one of us now, he says Pizzagate is REAL!!! Yippeee!!!

Did it ever occur to anyone that Pizzagate was a PLANT to distract national attention away from how Hillary was TOTALLY betraying the United States of America?

Anyway, Prince is one of us now!

He’s protecting Alex Jones and Donald Trump!

This last point - the protection of Alex Jones and Donald Trump by BLACKWATER is just too rich NOT to suspect Alex and Donald could have been either
    1) just showed  themselves to be CIA assets

    2) been captured or blackmailed by the CIA

    3) or are being kept in virtual arrest by Blackwater


    4) have turned into total idiots

So there you have it...the CIA not only controls the US Government, but seems to be controlling the opposition as well!

And this Erick Prince really intrigues me.

He is a sort of Anderson Cooper type of guy, with the same homosexual good rich boy attitude (check out that haircut) from the upper levels of the upper class, of course.

For Alex and Trump to trust this scumbag is a sure indicator that we are at the end of the endgame.

So yeah, the situation is becoming totally fucked up.

But let’s remember the main topic here.

The conspiracy movement has been and are letting the ESTABLISHMENT supply our sources of information and our leadership by way of well-funded CIA and Special Forces personnel.

They are making the Blacklists...

....and they intend to make use of them, sooner or later.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Will CERN Cause Mass Demonic Possession?

(*my apologies for the delay in the publication of this (initially) badly put together  article which has been written only with extreme difficulty and with continuous attack involving disease, depression, sleeplessness, collapse, continuous pain, weird behavior by those known to me, computer shut downs and bad luck, which was the case with the article on Kundalini Yoga...hmm...seems like the occult doesn't like articles about believe me when I say this article is about the occult)

Having said the above, I consider this a crucial article whose subject matter might very well involve the future destiny of the entire human race.


CERN is an acronym which stands for “European Council for Nuclear Research” (in the French).

It was founded in 1954 as a European research facility.

As strange as it seems, CERN actually began taking the lead in nuclear research in the mid-1970‘s, replacing American facilities as the #1 nuclear research facility in the world.

Which is somewhat strange because by 1954... was the US who had researched, invented, designed, built, deployed and exploded the first atomic bomb

...the US was the leading nuclear power...

...the US was the center of nuclear expertise.

But it seems that by 1954 we were becoming just a tad too slow in our progress for our European they created their own nuclear research center.

Doubtlessly, another accomplishment for the (suddenly nuclear proficient) Europeans at CERN was pass along the nuclear secrets we had shared with them to Russia and Israel.

In spite of our proud Collider at Fermilabs collider, which we debuted in 1967...CERN went on to build THREE even BIGGER colliders in 1976, 1989 and 2008.

The last one being the CERN Large Hadron Collider (which is said to be creating mini-black holes, anti-matter, new subatomic particles and portals to other dimensions - none of which concerns us, of course).

Needless to say, America had been left in the dust when it came to nuclear research by the mid-70‘s and was actually surpassed by the Europeans at CERN.

And it wasn’t just the Europeans.

The Russians actually surpassed us in neutron bomb research and lasers technology.

And in case American scientists didn’t get the message, President Carter outlawed the Neutron bomb and declared all American research on it terminated.

Hey, it was the 70‘s, time to take it easy,  do some drugs, hear some good music, go streaking, live the good life...and begin assuming our place as second best.

By the time Carter left the presidency with egg all over his face from the Iranian crisis, Iranian hostage rescue effort and climbing inflation and Reagan assuming the presidency to start exporting American industry..

...CERN got ANOTHER one up on America...

CERN created the Internet.


You thought Al Gore did that?

You thought DARPA and the US military did?

Uh, no.

I was one of the naive believers who thought the Internet was created inside the US military.

Not true.

The moment they had some free time to pull away from all that nuclear research, CERN invented the Internet in 1989...

...deployed the World Wide Web in 1993...

...put all the technology that runs it in the public domain...

...and GAVE it to us and the rest of world as friends (along with the operating system and devices)...around 1995...

...and created the major Internet hub at Meyrin, Switzerland...on CERN territory.

So you see, CERN and the Internet have a lot to do with each other.

It was only in 1998 that ICANN was created in the US to manage an Internet which was already well under way.

To give them some credit, ICANN established the Internet as we know it today.

This was later used to create the illusion that American had created, was running, and would remain in total control of the Internet.

False, false and false.

And case you haven’t noticed, there are some true power centers in this world (example: London, Rome, Switzerland, etc) and ICANN’s Los Angeles, California just isn’t one of them. more accomplishment for CERN...while America looks at the wax it just picked out of its ear...and forgets how to build the Trident missile (true story).

Now let’s be clear.

CERN surpassed America in nuclear research in the mid-1970‘s.

And created the Internet in the late 1980‘s.

The truth is that we became so retarded in our nuclear research and the Europeans at CERN so advanced that when we hardly know what they are talking about anymore.

Higgs Boson particle, Dark Matter, mini-Black Holes, neutral currents, anti-hydrogen atoms, anti-protons, ultradimensional gateways....

Huh? What?

Before continuing, let me just emphasize the CERN is secret research facility.

It’s location is blurred (censored) on Google Maps.

Scientists working there take confidential oaths of secrecy and are not allowed to talk freely about just what it is they are doing.

All information is released through official spokes people, only.

Yet rumors and testimonies HAVE started to leak out.

You see, it seems they have actually sped up sub-atomic particles to the speed of light at CERN.

Einstein himself stated that going beyond the Speed of Light was impossible...and that astounding physical effects would be taking place once that speed was approached.

For example: time would develop differently for people traveling at the Speed of Light than for people who are not.

Time would, in fact, flow more slowly for the Light Speed travelers than for the normal people. So a year to the time travelers might be 10 years to normal humanity.

Also, the Speed of Light is like a threshold, beyond which very strange things begin happening.

It’s amazing how so much in physics is related to speed.

At stationary, one can see the blades of a fan, once it gets going, one can no longer see them.

The spoken word can be distinguished at normal speed, but becomes a buzz if speeded up.

Frequencies can be clearly distinguished until reaching the Megahertz range, at which they become a whine.

A machine gun gives off the tell-tale ratatatat until the rate of fire is accelerated to thousands of RPM, by which time it sounds more like a very loud zipper.

The speed of a solid projectile can either penetrate the target...or shatter it...all depending on velocity.

Speed defines whether subatomic particles can split the atom.

If you think about it, an atomic bomb is nothing but a cheap Super Collider (like CERN).

So, speed changes a lot of things, and produces a lot of curious effects.

Especially when it reaches the almost unimaginable Speed...of Light.

Well, CERN has finally done it.

In 2004, CERN gave a glimpse into the attitude of its directors when it requested, received and placed a statue of the Hindu god Shiva on prominent display.

Shiva is one of the trinity of top Hindu Gods, who is responsible for creation, destruction, re-creation of the world.

In his destruction persona he is known as a terrible, frightful, ravishing, fierce god of annihilation after which he becomes the re-creator or re-former of the world.

One can see a grotesque connection between the Shiva and man-childs of CERN.

These people really do see themselves as the destroyers and re-creators of the world.

What better symbol of their insane spirits than a statue of the god Shiva dancing the dance of creation and destruction.

We are already familiar with their ideology of having to reduce the population of the world y 90% in order to create “sustainablity.”

What better representation of themselves than the schizophrenic and split-personality of Shiva.

And the truth of their god like powers is that they have accelerated subatomic particles to the theoretically unreachable...Speed of Light.

The un-doable and the impossible has been accomplished.

And it has been kept secret.

Several CERN scientists have openly proclaimed the Speed of Light has been reached (and perhaps even surpassed) at CERN.

But officially, there is only the sound of cricket’s chirping.

No official confirmation at all from CERN that this HISTORIC MILESTONE has been reached.

Today, we aren’t exactly sure just what is happening there.

It’s like a little kid who has shut himself up in his room with a fantastic toy and locked the door.

But something is sure happening.

The CERN Large Hadron Collider (CLHC) uses up as much electricity as the city of Geneva, in which it is located.

And it is rumored to produce fantastic effects.

I still remember the old footage (that wasn’t classified) of the H-bomb (or Hydrogen Bomb) tests.

At the point of maximum expansion one could actually SEE stars in space, as if a portal had been opened - these points of light were called ‘plasma’ but they weren’t flying around, they were totally stationary.
First Experimental H-Bomb Test

HD Redwing

First Milliseconds

Even before CERN’s opening, there was alarm within the scientific community about just what effects this Super Collider would produce.

Remember, it is the largest Super Collider ever built -17 miles in diameter!

CERN went operational between 2007 (CERN switched on) and 2009 (official start up).

Just a year after it went operational, Sergio Bertolucci - CERN’s own Director of Research and Scientific Computing - admitted CERN could “open doorways to other dimensions.”

In the coming years, scientists admitted research was being carried out at CERN involving mini Black Holes, Worm Holes, Anti-Matter, Dark Matter, Alternate Universes, Parallel Universes, and Ultra-dimensional Universes.

A CERN scientist from India admitted the scientists at CERN don’t really know what the consequences of their experiments and that they ARE accelerating particles at the speed of light...and crashing them into matter.

Famed physicist Stephen Hawking stated the CERN Large Hadron Collider might cause space and time to collapse in on themselves.

This is the perfect description of a Quantum implosion bomb - a horror that has not been built yet....but which the good guys at CERN might just be thinking of trying out.

From there things got weirder.

CERN scientists officially admitted that they were using their super collider to study ‘Dark Matter’ - the ‘glue’ which holds all matter together.

Now why do you think they are doing that?

Not happy enough with the way matter is holding up?

Or are they seeking the secrets of un-gluing the universe?

Uh, that actually  sounds like a WEAPON, doesn’t it?

Then came the even WEIRDER stuff.

Discovery of the ‘God Particle’ (this is what they are seriously calling it).

Discovery of particles they couldn’t really classify or understand...and which seemed to ‘communicate’ and ‘synchronize’ with each other...which they called ‘Strangelets.’

But let's take a break here so I can reason out what is happening and see if I’m perceiving this correctly.

They are doing things that have never been done before...

...the don’t know exactly what will happen when they do these things... they create or discovering particles which they can’t classify and phenomenon whose nature they don’t understand...

...and are so absolutely clueless what they are seeing that they call these things names like  ‘God’ and ‘Strangelets’.

Here's an example: the truly weird phenomenon of ‘Strangelets’ - particles acting in unison, as if they were communicating with each other and ‘schooling’ like swarms of fish.

The mention of this new phenomenon actually reminds me of how one scientist was puzzled by how these bacteria (Escherichia Coli or E.Coli) began to suddenly darted from place to place in groups as if directed by some otherworldly intelligence.

I don’t know if there is any  connection, but flagellated bacteria (mobile bacteria with tails - like spermatozoa) and other mobile bacteria (Haemophilus Ducreyi, Myxobacteria and E. Coli) and  have begun to behave quite strangely, as if under the guide of some unified intelligence.

Weird enough for you?

Check out the videos below

Notice the bacteria are actually forming structures - a quality more akin to fungus than bacteria (think mushrooms).

Mechanism for Collective Cell


Is CERN affecting the behavior of bacteria?

Is this the beginning of the Singularity?

It gets even weirder...believe it or not.

There were reports that CERN was actually opening up gates to other dimensions.

You might have heard about the Strange Sounds, Sky Trumpets or mysterious Booms which all began to be heard, first in Switzerland, then around the world starting in 2011.

Two years after CERN began operating, these phenomenon began to happen.

These were some of the most frightening (and ongoing) phenomenon that humanity has come across....and they still remain completely unexplained....while they basically scare the crap out of everyone who experiences them.

My first impression when I heard one of the ‘sounds’ for the first time was that of a gigantic rusted gate being opened.

The phenomenon began in Switzerland and shortly thereafter spread worldwide.

The phenomenon is frightening, as you can see in the videos below:

Strange Sounds in the Sky of Bern, Switzerland

Strange Sounds Heard Worldwide Over Switzerland

Strange Noise 2012 Switzerland

Strange Sounds from the Sky Worldwide

Had CERN opened portals or created these phenomenon in some way?

One would wish this would be the final shenanigan event at CERN, but no, it didn’t stop there.

CERN became the center of visual unexplained phenomenon.

Strange cloud phenomenon  began appearing right over the complex.

There is an ultradimensional aspect to all pictures coming out of CERN

Notice the strange cloud picture below which seems to move

CERN Cloud Picture That Seems to Move



An actual vortex was said to have opened up over CERN in 2015, and this was widely reported by European newspapers.

-Here is an article in the Daily Star

The articles continued.
-CERN luminous cloud seen in June, 2016

Here is some amazing footage
-UFO Entering Interdimensional Cloud

Then actual UFOs began appearing above the complex, including an unexplained star-like object which appeared overhead and shone for a month before disappearing. 

The phenomenon reached a crescendo in 2016, the 'year of light.'

Breaking UFO News

Afterwards, things instead of stopping...began escalating.

All the phenomenon happening above CERN were finally topped off by revelations that scientists at CERN had contacted actual entities through the portals they had opened up.

CERN scientists called 2016 ‘The Year of Light’ (if this is not an Illuminati term I don’t know what is).

In fact, 2016 was the year of ‘possession’ as CERN scientists began exhibiting bizarre behavior while on the job.

Some had to be removed or replaced as they exhibited symptoms similar to demonic possession.

Right along with the bizarre behavior were strange notions involving:
    -wanting to be in or near the CERN Collider at all hours of  day or night
    -unexplained manic joy
    -increased religiosity
    -perpetual excitement   
    -inability to sleep
    -obsession with circles
    -manic behavior
    -abnormal or irregular behavior
Bizarre behavior indeed.

Is the behavior in the video below ‘bizarre’ enough for you?

It shows a religious ritual performed by CERN scientists (confirmed) which occurred on CERN grounds (confirmed) and which the CERN authorities are officially ‘investigating’ (confirmed).

Satanic Ritual at CERN

At the very most, this is an actual ritual human sacrifice in which a human being was actually killed.

At the very least, this is junior staff from CERN making fun of the ongoing occult rituals being carried out by the senior scientists there.

Meanwhile I myself have little doubt that the mind of our major scientists have been possessed by the concepts of demons.

Just look at the concepts they are coming up with lately:

        -the surrender of free will

        -the end of privacy
        -the culling of humanity
        -Earth as a living entity (Gaia) we must worship   
        -the melding of science and religion
        -the melding of human beings and technology
        -anyone above 60 as a ‘useless eater’
        -artificial intelligence
        -a world mind
        -a world entity
        -the singularity
Meanwhile, there are definite CONCEPTS emanating from the diseased and possessed minds at CERN, which one can readily pick up by merely interviewing them, speaking to them or watching their media:

These are the concepts emanating from CERN:

    - birth of a new era

    -the destruction and re-construction of humanity
    -a re-creating of nature
    -a coming new age of technology and religion
    -the coming of a new religion (at least for the elite)
    -‘knowledge’ emanating from other dimensions
    -‘being in touch with occult powers which inspire, guide and direct.’
     -an obsession with circles
    -the circle of the CERN collider represented as the all-seeing-eye
    -everything revolving around the symbolic CERN collider circle
    (this obsession with circles and surrender was also made apparent in  the Gotthard Tunnel celebrations which could be somehow connected to CERN via undisclosed underground tunnels and bases)
    -a surrender of human will to wise and occult forces
I personally would not be surprised if CERN becomes a type of subtle Mecca, which scientists and world leaders assist  regularly, like they do at the Wailing Wall in Israel or Mecca itself.

But if there is occult knowledge emanating from CERN, you can COUNT on it.

Meanwhile CERN IS ALREADY a mecca to all types of working and visiting scientists who always find themselves visiting, loitering and paying their respects or working there to what amounts to be some sort of occult scientific center.

Not only that...but CERN is PERPETUALLY taking in  applicants.

They even have a very prominent ‘job opportunity’ display at their home site.

How weird is that?

Is it a revolving door type employment at CERN, where scientists come in, go crazy, are expelled or can’t take it anymore and leave?

Or is the idea to expose as many of the world’s scientists to the emanations from CERN as they possibly can?

At CERN, there is a total and strange obsession with the circle as a representation of the  CERN Collider and messages emanating from that Circle.

The CERN scientists are apparently so busy that (besides all their bizarre behavior) they saw fit to take the time to make a bizarre dance opera called ‘Symmetry,’ which was performed and filmed inside CERN in 2015...

...and seems to subconsciously relate the basis of the revelations emanating from the CERN super-collider.

I viewed it twice, and the negative effects of those viewings have made me decide not to view it anymore.

Not only that, but I ran across the old familiar effect of ‘having a ,monkey on my back’ - the old occult sensation of having been infected with something which is filthy, like a parasite, which one can’t easily shake off, after having viewed this video.

It took two days after each viewing for me to get rid of this negative, bothersome sensation between each viewing; a sensation which I can only describe as a grey, sticky, oppresive, depressing, fatalistic presence combined with a sense of alarm and panic.

I actually went into a two-day long fatalistic depression after viewing this.

So you have been warned! 

View with discernment and at your own risk.

The video (which was carefully made under the close supervision of chief CERN scientists) contains a set of bothersome imagery, frequencies and quantum forces which are transmitted to the viewer.

So feel free to stop it at any time during viewing.

While watching, please note all the occult symbolism of SATANIC POSESSION.

Here is an article about the event:
CERN Hold Occultic Dance Inside CERN Article

Here Is the Dance Opera itself, which seems to reveal occult revelations from the CERN Large Hadron Collider itself:

CERN Dance Opera

So, let me summarize things so far...

CERN was established under a logo containing the numbers 666.

CERN surpassed the US in the study of nuclear physics.

CERN build the world’s largest Super Collider...

CERN again built the world’s largest supper collider again (surpassing the size of the one they built had built in  1976).

(one would gather they were researching something important - something which depended on the increasing the size of super colliders

CERN once more builds the world’s largest super collider - the Large Hadron Collider, which, at a colossal 17 miles diameter, surpasses the size of the previous two they had built

2009 and 2014
CERN goes on a spree of discovery, discovering and or creating an amazing variety of nuclear particles and phenomenon like the God Particle, Strangelets, miniature black holes, anti-matter and more.

Whatever it was that CERN was discovering in quick succession, it awed China and Russia so much that they announced their own intentions to build their own gigantic super colliders.

Here is what CERN doing that attracted their attenion:

CERN scientists admit that they have opened portals to other dimensions...that they had found intelligent ENTITIES beyond those portals...and that they were COMMUNICATING with them even as portal-like phenomenon started being observed in the skies above CERN.


Now here comes the final, shocking revelation:

In 2016 the entire World Wide Web or Internet was moved to  general location of CERN!!!!!!!!!

Do I have to spell the rest out for you?

Well, because this event is so important...I will do just that:

Here is a summary of what just happened:

1) CERN opened the door to other dimensions...

2) CERN discovered intelligent beings within those dimensions...

3) CERN communicated with those beings...

4) CERN suddenly made itself the hub of the entire World Wide Web!!!!

See where this is going?

Before continuing, let me address some distractions or camouflage created to conceal what they are doing.

CERN is in Geneva, Switzerland.

ITU (International Telecommunications Union), to which the entire World Wide Web has been transferred is in Geneva, Switzerland.

They are going to say that ITU is in Geneva and  CERN is ‘outside’ of Geneva.

But the truth is the CERN infrastructure is not only at Geneva, but is an attached part of Geneva.

Saying CERN is not in Geneva is like saying Long Beach is not in Los Angeles and Brooklyn is not in New York.

They are going to say ITU is just a small, harmless, nondescript 15-story building in downtown Geneva.

Well, to begin with this nondescript building looks more and more like a facade - a small empty and cheap-looking nondescript building they have built as a symbolic headquarters for the Internet...which is NOT the real deal.

Where is the real deal?

Would you believe CERN?

The big unknown secret is the Internet is not going to be run from the pathetic ITU building but from the CERN infrastructure.

Unknown to most, it is CERN that has required level after level of super computers necessary to run the Internet.

And CERN knows all about the Internet because CERN INVENTED the Internet, remember?

So the Internet is now simply going back home to roost.

  And perhaps not really returning, but coming to the place it was ALWAYS run from.

Remember the myth about the military and DARPA inventing the Internet?

If you think about it, the military never really needed an instant access to figure out how many bullets to which location.

The CERN research center simulate atomic particle physics...which would require entire floors of super-computers (located underground) which
WERE used to figure out how to create miniature black holes, create new particles and discover how the God Particle works.

And they used them too.

Now they are going to use them to track the Internet use of the entire world.

They are going to say CERN and ITU will not and cannot act as a world Internet police authority because they do not have the equipment.

Listen, the world headquarters of INTERPOL is 70 miles from CERN in Lyon, France.

Do you think INTERPOL has any worldwide-tracking Internet capacity and authority?

Do you think it has any link up with CERN’s multiple underground floors of super computers?

The giveaway here is the fact that CERN’s acres of super-computers are never mentioned, as neither is their purpose.

In fact, you would think the scientists at CERN did all that nuclear physics mumbo jumbo with pocket calculators, as far as the media and the public are concerned.

Also ignored is just how much of CERN is actually in FRENCH territory.

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is actually inside France, buried 500 feet underground, to protect everybody from the LHC which can generate temperatures 100,000 times that of the center of the Sun.

It’s only bureaucratic buildings (recruitment, human relations, museum, welcome center, etc) which seem to be on the swiss side

And there are OCCULT warning signals as well when it comes to CERN.

CERN’s official logo has a very clearly defined ‘666.’

The CERN super collider (LHC) sits beneath in the French township of Saint Genus Poilly which...

...rests on a major Ley Line...

...which used to be the site of a Roman temple of Apollo...

...and is said to be a portal to the Underworld. seems the location of CERN itself is a carefully chosen occult location existing on a Ley Line and already rumored to be the portal to the Underworld.

The mention of the word ‘Apollo’ regarding the location of the CERN collider is especially chilling due to the use of the French version of the word ‘Apollo’ (‘poilly’) referring to CERN’s location.


Because Revelation 9 refers to the opening of the ‘Bottomless Pit’ and a plague of locust-like creatures emerging from it under their king, “Apollyon”

"I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth: and to him was given the key of the bottomless pit”

“And he opened the bottomless pit; and there arose a smoke out of the pit, as the smoke of a great furnace; and the sun and the air were darkened by reason of the smoke”

“And there came out of the smoke locusts upon the earth: and unto them was given power, as the scorpions of the earth”

“ And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon”

The name of the French Commune or township right above CERN is basically named after Apollo or Apollyon in Greek.

Is CERN actually in touch with the Bottomless Pit?

Will CERN open the portal and unleash whatever is down there?

Well...listen to Rolf Dieter Heuer, the Director General of CERN, who says:

“CERN will open the door from our physical universe to the non-physical universes, which will allow human scientists to interact face-to-face with non-physical beings.”

Will CERN actually put us in touch with ultra-dimensional creatures?

Well...listen to CERN director of research and scientific computing, Sergio Bertolucci, who says:

 “there are parallel universes and parallel dimensions of non-physical intelligent beings located everywhere around us, and CERN will allow these NON-EARTH ENTITIES to come into our physical world and BE with us.”


Feel like celebrating yet?

Ultra-dimensional beings from other dimensions (perhaps Hell?) who will cross the dimensional barrier and come into our physical world to BE with us.

Did anybody consider that there is a reason these beings exist in ANOTHER dimension and were perhaps put there for a REASON?

No such deep thinkers amongst the man-children of CERN.

After all, intelligence is not the same as wisdom...

...not even close.

The only light emanating from all these smarty pants  is the excitement of bringing in something from another dimension who will communicate with us and come to BE with us.

Working off the speculation that CERN began opening the trans-dimensional gates a couple of years after going on line... has to speculate whether the opening of these gates has led to all the weird, unexplained and widely observed paranormal phenomenon... well as the accompanying WEIRD human behavior being seen worldwide:

    -anti-Trump crazies

    -over the top feminists
    -hijab wearing / bare breasted woman protesters
    -naked insane cannibalism
    -increased violence police, parent
        -police on civilian
        -parent on child
        -road rage
        -person on person violence


So far CERN almost seems like one hell of a weapon!

What are the chances that the enemy would want to gain control over such a weapon?

The enemy does not have to wait.

In 2015, the year before the entire World Wide Web was moved to Geneva, Switzerland, Chinese Communist Houlin Lao was appointed as head of CERN.

Why has a Chinese Communist now put in charge of CERN?

Why has the directorship of CERN been handed over to Communist China?

Is the CERN Collider a weapon?

Is the CERN Collider connected to the World Wide Web an even bigger weapon?

Remember, the scientist at CERN were looking for the Dark Matter - the ‘glue’ that held all matter together.

Again, why were they so interested in this?

In order to find the secret of ‘ungluing’ matter?

In layman terms this would be the secret of disintegration.

And in this department, it is becoming more and more apparent that the World Trade Center as well as the more recent Iranian Plasco Building simply disintegrated with not even steel columns being left behind.

(for more on this see the deep research of Dr. Judy Wood)

Was the ‘un-gluing’ technology secretly ‘discovered’ at CERN deployed on 9/11?

Again, what do we have here?

Once again:

-CERN becomes operational in 2009

-two years later CERN begins opening portals and contacting ultra-dimensional beings

-a year later, strange, unexplained phenomena begin happening across the world

-in 2015, directorship of CERN is handed over to Communist China

-in 2016, the Internet is moved to the same location as CERN at Geneva, Switzerland.
Anyone see anything strange or alarming in this?

Do the Globalists now want to transmit the ‘frequencies’ of ‘beings’ and whatever else is coming out of portals of the CERN Collider across the world through the World Wide Web?

What will the effect be?

Mass insanity?

Mind Control by entities coming through the portals?

Will Switzerland become the mind control capital of the New World Order?

The Globalists have made their wish known to create a ‘Singularity’ in which everything is connected to some coordinating and controlling entity.

They created the Internet as the skeleton of this singularity.

The entire World Wide Web is now connected to the portals which have been opened at Geneva.

And the portals have been practically been put in the hands of Communist China, the society most near and dear to the Illuminati vision of the world.

And, as can be seen by the globalist, international, occult and technological infrastructure concentrated there, SWITZERLAND is fast becoming the virtual capital of the New World Order.

Meanwhile, let’s look at what they have set up world wide in preparation for the emanations from the portals at CERN:

-Cell antennas populate our cities like mushrooms.

-People carry with them miniature transmitters and trackers called Smart Phones.

-houses are now being wired into an Internet of things, in which every single appliance will be able to transmit.

-Smart Meters are irradiating every single household.

-More irradiation is being prepared by way of low level satellites and blimps.

And inside our own homes an irradiating device called Wi-Fi irradiates us 24 hours a day with the frequencies of the Internet (now connected to CERN)

Somehow they convinced us all of this was a good idea.

Please watch the YouTube videos of microwave expert Dr. Barrie Trower to see what Wi-Fi really is and what it does.


Wi-Fi is already transmitting a DEATH frequency.

Wi-Fi is already killing us.

See the article link below:

What will it do to us once the frequencies of CERN and the portals begin to be transmitted through the Internet...and begin entering our homes 24 hours a day / 7 days a week through Wi-Fi?

Will virtual demons be entering our living rooms?

Again, people have no notion what could be the result of hooking up the World Wide Web to the ultra-dimensional portals at CERN.

This is because everything has a frequency and people are ignorant of both the phenomenon and effect of frequencies.

You see...

Microwaves have a frequency.

Colors have a frequency.

Sounds have a frequency.

Music has a frequency.

Words (both written and oral) have a frequency, as was proven by Japanese researcher Dr. Masaru Emoto who proved that even a written word affected the crystalline structure of water ice crystals, as did music, tone etc.

The world of Frequencies is a much more complex matter than first believed.

This is what makes the possibility ultra-dimensional emanations coming through our Wi-Fi equipment from CERN all the more worrying.

The effect of frequencies on human behavior is a proven scientific fact.

Remember, this will be a 24 hour a day bombardment.

How will it affect the human mind or the human body?

Suddenly films like the 'Kingsman' or 'Cell' (both starring Samuel L. Jackson coincidentally) seem less fantastic

CELL movie trailer

Could an off-the-wall out-of-this world effect like in the movie Cell take place?

Could virtual zombies be created?

What about mass possession by these new (and suddenly world wide) frequencies from CERN becoming a possibility?

Like I said, will demons and or their frequencies become the new normal in our Wi-Fi irradiated environment?

Will human behavior take a drastic turn?

As I already mentioned, human behavior at present is already taking a gigantic and bizarre turn.

Besides the possibility of CERN opening the ultra-dimensional location of the Bottomless Pit...and letting out unimaginable horrors...

....the effect of ultra-dimensional frequencies and signals affecting the human mind, human genetics and perhaps even human appearance gives me equally horrifying nightmares.

The ‘Symmetry’ dance opera produced by CERN rhymes so closely with the novel ‘Childhood’s End’ by Arthur C. Clarke (a secret service agent, scientist and warlock clearly in touch with the occult) that it is quite eerie.

I his book, Clarke celebrates humanity’s surprise meeting with ancient care takers of Earth who look, well,  like demons!

Humanity is ‘taught’ by these devil-like creatures (hornes, hooves, bat wings and all) who not only teach by example (one scene has an entire stadium screaming in pain as the spectators are forced to experience the pain of the bull)...

...but also affect human offspring...who start being born as types of ‘Indigo Children’ (intellectually and psychically gifted beings) with whom the old generation soon loses all touch.

In time, the old generation, now very advanced in age and reduced to a few normal humans, who see the new generation gain amazing knowledge, wisdom, intellect and magical powers and cosmic knowledge (much like the scientists at CERN) but who have no interest in reproducing (much like the cyber-generation of today).

The new generation eventually comes together in one gigantic cumbaya in which energy is released which....basically disintegrates the entire planet.

The author presents this as a glorious evolution of humanity because, supposedly, the new generation go on to exist as new beings (a form of angels) who live in space and travel between the stars.

But basically what happens is that the Earth was destroyed as the author celebrates it as some form of glorious cosmic evolution.

Such seems to be the message in the CERN ‘Symmetry’ dance opera video, where one observes: possession, cosmic revelation, surrender of will to a superior power and finally...destruction or disintegration presented as a glorious event.

Again, watch the video closely and you will see it all represented there (view caution).

CERN Dance Opera Video Symmetry

Another disturbing scene within the CERN ‘Symmetry’ dance opera is that of human beings tuning in to some unseen force and gesticulating in unison.

Aphids have been observed doing just that in reaction to microwave signals emanated from a tower.

A similar scene is also shown in the movie ‘Cell’ with Samuel L. Jackson, where the microwave-controlled ‘zombies’ vibrate in unison in response to the one signal which is being transmitted from all cell towers.

Whether in the movie Cell or the dance opera ‘Symmetry’ the scenes of human beings in a trance gesticulating in unison to invisible microwave signals really disturbed me.

Is there any doubt what the establishment is trying to tell us something?

And what do we do now?

For the immediate present, there IS some action we can take. 

Keep an eye out for the symptoms of ultra-dimensional emanations coming through the portals at CERN and transmitted world wide through the Internet right into our own homes...24 hours a day.

Disconnect your Wi-Fi and connect to the Net directly through an Ethernet cable which you can plug and unplug on demand.

...turn off your computers once you are done using them...

...and turn off the surge protectors they are plugged in to.

As for yourself and members of your own household, you may find that even small steps like this is easier said than done due to the ADDICTIVE qualities of the Internet.

Seek out clothing and house paints that block microwave signals (see below)

The Link below takes you to a seller of Microwave shielding

And while you are doing that, you may check (both yourself and others) for symptoms being produced by the opening and concurrent transmission of the portals at CERN:

    -bizarre behavior

    -bizarre thoughts
    -constant feelings of anger or rage
    -feelings of being watched or presence of something else

I am meeting people who, by their own admission, don't really sleep (yet seemingly continue to operate).

 Not sleeping is fast becoming the norm withing the new humanity.

I myself am feeling extraordinarily weak while suffering the apparent effects of rapid aging.

At this point, if you can't afford the more expensive microwave shielding, turn to aluminum wrapping.

(please refrain from laughing - the CIA started the 'tin foil hat' mantra because it was actually shielding from the microwaves the CIA was using to harass its victims...just as it created the term "conspiracy theorist" to ridicule researchers who were actually bringing to the open the conspiracy behind the Kennedy Assassination) 

Don't be afraid to wear aluminum foil under, say, a beanie hat or shield your walls (and floors) with aluminum foil (it can be easily painted over with a color of your choice).

People sensitive to the disruptive powers of microwaves (called microwave sensitive) use aluminum in a heartbeat to shield themselves from the hellish torture of microwave inundation.

The first anti-microwave freedom fighters have made their appearance right here in Arizona - people actually busted into the South Mountain microwave jungle array and destroyed the air conditioning crucial to keeping the transponders working.

Are they really terrorists? Or just people getting fed up by being inundated with life-killing microwaves 24 hours a day without their consent?

(gives new meaning to the term 'human rights' doesn't it?)

So put aside your CIA-funded ridicule and protect yourself.

At this point, disconnecting your Wi-Fi and papering your walls and ceiling with aluminum foil (by using tacks this can be done very quickly) and painting it over it with the color your choice seems like an easy and necessary precaution.

If you can't sleep, are losing your health, reducing your lifespan and slowly going insane...disconnecting your Wi-Fi and aluminizing your home or place of residence seems like a quick, cheap, effective and immediate and life-saving solution to the problem (which is not totally out of control).

But the real point is this:
Something big is about to happen...and it is about to be transmitted directly from the multi-dimensional portals at CERN.

It will be transmitted through the World Wide Web, transponded from every Cell Tower and reach our homes through our own Wi-Fi transmitters.

Will the world notice?

Or will it suddenly wake up to a new reality...

...without even knowing things were ever any different?

Realize the portals have already been opened.

It's Time to perk up your antennas and increase your watchfulness.

The New World Order, like the fools that they are...

...have decided to go over the edge.

Take precautions against the signals of the Internet...NOW!